Redesign of WWE’s multi-platform video streaming service.

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Web mock ups
UI kit

The challenge

I was brought in to lead the design for the Responsive Web platform working alongside two other designers who were focusing on the TV and Native platforms.


A dark theme was the natural choice for WWE as not only did it look great but it gave us greater flexibility over the use photography and brand assets. We wanted the typography to be bold and impactful and really stand out against a dark interface.



We had to establish clear rules around the use of meta content with artwork making sure the copy was legible and protecting it from the image below.

WWE Featured


A requirement of the new product was to help customers better understand the benefits of upgrading their subscriptions. We designed several feature driven sections to help inform and excite the user.

WWE Network


We chose to style the accounts section using a lighter colour theme, not only to separate it visually from the front end of the product but to make it easier to read some of the finer content.

WWE Settings


With thousands of hours of new programmes added every week and content available on any device the search feature needed to work hard to present new content and make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. We designed a search feature that surfaces suggestions after the user types three characters and rails of content promoting top stars, programmes and events.

WWE Search


I worked closely with the native app designer to make sure the mobile and tablet content was inline with the native designs. With a huge increase in users watching content on their devices the mobile experience needed to be intuitive and easy to use. This meant defining clear rules over the size of buttons, icons and navigation items.

WWE mobile 1
WWE mobile 2
WWE mobile 3
WWE mobile 4
WWE mobile 5
WWE mobile 6
WWE mobile 7
WWE mobile 8

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