A football app allowing followers of the premier league to follow and curate fan content.

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App mockups

The challenge

To create an all inclusive football fan content app, where fans can have a voice, sharing their stories, opinions and live videos. A place where fans can get all the biggest football fan channels in one place.


At the time of joining this project a rough look and feel had already been established. My role was to take these aesthetics and adapt them into a full set of mobile mockups. The aim was to design a user interface that fans could identify with, adopting rich colours and textures but to apply it in a way that wasn't reliant on fast broadband speeds.

UFF Moodboard


My first step was to create a moodboard looking at a range of relevant football content and bold user interfaces and typography.


We then created a rich earthy palette that we felt represented football and fan culture.

UFF colour exploration


With the wireframes in place I began to design the Mockups.

UFF Onboarding


In order for users to customise their video feed we first had to establish their favourite football team(s) and preferences. Through research and some light testing we concluded that integrating this into the signup process was the most efficient way to get the user to participate.

UFF module

Content feed

Once users have completed the onboarding process or opted to add their preferences later, a video feed is displayed allowing them to watch content. Using a freemium business model we decided to allow users to watch a set number of videos a day before prompting them to upgrade their subscription and have unlimited access.

UFF settings


Through the navigation menu users can access their account, where they can edit their profile, change their settings, upgrade their account or manage their own videos.


A significant amount of my time on the app was spent looking at user interaction and how the pages and UI components would transition. I created several demo's in Flinto to communicate our thoughts to the development team.

UFF Prototyping

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